Our 14.9mm Project


The 14.9mm

Our company founder/owner purchased a rare, unfinished bolt action receiver in 2010 and later had it chambered in 14.9mm. After the ATF approved the DDE, he spent the next several years researching, developing and building the very first 14.9mm prototype rifle while continuing to work on the cartidge development. It was first tested in 2012 and after successful proof of concept, began working on building the first production rifle. This second generation of the 14.9mm rifle was finished and first fired in December of 2014 and it continues to push the limits in developing the bullets, and components for this 'wildcat' round.  

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For more information on the companies working with us on this project, check out Warner Tool Company and Patriot Valley Arms.


Jon O'Neill, owner of 50 West Armory, has been dreaming of pushing the boundaries of long-range should-fired rifles for several years. In fact, he's tried to partner with several manufactures and spent a huge pile of money trying to make that dream a reality ...